GORILLA GARAGE GEAR offers (3) different lines of Garage Cabinets.


Redline Garage Gear Cabinets are designed specifically for use in a garage. They have a powder-coated finish that resists chipping, warping, delaminating or cracking that can handle anything your garage can “throw” at them! And they are backed with a Lifetime Warranty.


Contur Cabinets have designed an all-metal European-inspired cabinet line that provides a modular cabinet system at an affordable price with a  stunning and fully functional and modular cabinet system. These beautiful cabinets are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.


Gorilla Cabinets are our private line.  These affordable cabinets offer a wide range of cabinet types, colors and sizes that will satisfy the needs of most homeowners. They are built to your specifications… no off-the-shelf solutions. These cabinets were designed for the garage and are backed by a 10-year warranty.

IS THIS YOU.......Most homeowners treat their garage as a holding facility for various items. Things that are no longer needed, old and broken toys, appliances, clothes, and tools, or things that just cannot be kept in the house all find their way to the garage. Usually the idea is that these items will eventually be sold during a yard, garage, or rummage sale, given away to charities, relatives, or friends, or simply discarded.

As our lives grow increasingly busy, however, finding the time to get things done is becoming harder. Thus, jobs like organizing the garage, having a sale, and taking items to the curb or dump are pushed farther and farther down the list of things to do. The result then is the disorganized, cluttered, garage...


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